Enjoying Your Walk With God


Put LIFE back into your Christian walk!

Did the apostle Paul say, ” Be bored in the Lord always and again I say be bored”? Did Samuel write, “My heart yawns in the Lord”? Of course not! Yet many Christians settle for so much less than God intended in their walk with Him. They file in and out of church each week, completely missing the excitement, joy and fulfillment offered by God. No matter how adverse your circumstances are, your loving Father wants you to experience love, joy and peace.

This book will show you how it is possible to: Have a vital, personal relationship with God Gain victory over day-to-day anxieties Let the Bible keep you out of trouble See God’s perspective when it seems life has turned on you Learn to like what you have to do Tap into God’s power for daily living. Enjoying Your Walk With God offers the refreshing message that your Christian walk can be a surprising, wonderful adventure.

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ISBN: 9789810749675

Author: Stephen B Douglass

Publisher: Cru Asia Ltd

Page Count: 145

Format: Paperback